SEO Strategies for 2016

The days of driving traffic to your web site Adelaide by packing headlines with keywords are long gone. Google’s algorithm has become so complex that they are now avoiding keyword associations. Even though the process still makes use of the presence of certain words to create a contextual construct for reach website, there is a barrier of semantic processing that prevents a direct application. To simplify this, when you enter a query in Google, it no longer tries to pair the content of that query to generate the results; instead it evaluates the intention behind that query to search for the best fit candidate in its network of indexed sites. Below are expert  SEO strategies for 2016 from an SEO Company to maximize on your content marketing investments.

SEO Strategies

1. Intention is ultimate

As I had said, keywords are no longer that relevant when it comes to offering a relevant search. This was an old technique but now, search engines are looking at how people are interacting with your website. Search engines are trying to consider things like, do people go back and click on results or are they finding the answers they were looking for on your site. It is all about post click activity. You not only have to get the clicks but you have to satisfy user intent.

2. Optimize your mobile

Back in 2015, there was a major Google update called Mobilegeddon which meant that if your website never had a mobile version by April 21st of 2015, you lost a good amount of rankings in the mobile version of Google search listings. It is now apparent that most people are now using their Smartphone to read news and do their search online. It is therefore paramount that your content is searchable there. In 2016, your site needs to be mobile ready. Ensure that Google can understand the content found within a mobile app and can leverage the marketing of the app with respect to SEO.

3. Apply Unique Images

Even though the value of images as a referral source in Google keeps dropping, but the use of unique images on your site might as well be very valuable. The same image is likely to show up on other sites in the web but when you have a unique content around it, makes it stand out. Under normal circumstances, I am not for using stock images to illustrate a point, but whenever you create something that is custom or use a unique photograph it is going to pay off in the long run.

4. Link disavowing

If your past tactics keep on hitting the wall then it is definite that they are no longer relevant. For your current SEO results to be successful you need to get rid of the spam, artificial or low quality links to your website through link disavowing. This method helps in getting rid of the links that are damaging your credibility with Google’s algorithm.

5. Size matters

Longer articles like those between 1200 to 1,500 words perform better in search. This is very different from what it used to be when 300 words used to be quite long. Today, longer articles are getting more traffic and they are actually ranking higher in SEO, especially when it comes to competitive terms. The reason Google is making this change is because they are sending traffic to pages that are more delightful to humans. Such articles perform better in search results since they have more words and images to rank on the page.

The most important SEO strategy in 2016 is the need to focus on the audience. Unlike in the past when marketers promoted what they wanted people to see, today it is about delivering what people actually want to see which is going to give you the SEO ranking boost that you want.